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Series Saturdays: The Black Jewels

Welcome to Series Saturdays! In these posts I will share a series I’m currently reading, or just one that I love. Feel free to share a series you love in the comments. If you’ve read the one I’m discussing this week, share what you liked about it.

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I just wanted to take a moment to pay a small tribute to Mr. Robin Williams. He contributed so much to my childhood and adolescence, and it was a joy to watch him work. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I hope he is at peace now.

He will be dearly missed.

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Books + Nail Art = Love!

ala-conCool Nail Art Designs Inspired By Books

Some of these are really elaborate and creative, but they are really eye-catching! Have you read these books? Or do you have some similarly great nail art based on other favorite titles??

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Celebrating 10 Years of Same-Sex Marriage

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So, last week was a victorious week for marriage equality in USA:

19 down 31 to go. who’s next?


I might not be gay, but many of my friends and family are. I love them dearly and support their right to live and love how they choose. I couldn’t be happier to see more strides being taken to real equality under the law!


A Night with a Sarcophagus


“Spend five minutes with this sarcophagus and you’ll witness a whole night—and a passionate one at that. Zeus, somewhat put out because Selene (goddess of the moon) had fallen in love with the mortal Endymion, cast the beautiful young man into an eternal sleep. But that didn’t stop Selene from visiting her beloved every night. You can see her at the center of this sarcophagus as darkness falls, stepping off from her chariot. But as you look to the right, beyond the slumbering Endymion, the next day begins to dawn (too soon!), and the horses must rush the goddess of the moon away, until the next evening’s amorous encounter.”

Recommended viewing for slowartday from our antiquities curator, David Saunders.

To zoom in and let your “eyes” wander, click here.

Sarcophagus panel (detail), about A.D. 210, Roman. Marble, 84 1/4 in. long x 21 3/8 in. high. The J. Paul Getty Museum, 

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Librarians in Pop Culture



Just a few of the librarians, archivists, and repositories that make an appearance in my “Librarians in pop culture” slideshow for our library’s ice cream social. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions (they all made it in there, plus a ton more), and happy National Library Week!

Librarians rule!

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Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It



Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.


I love stories like this. When people just have a level of determination, spirit, and sense of self that drives them forward in the face of any opposition. People like this inspire me to not give up, and to keep trying, keep reaching for things that I want, that may at the time seem to be out of my reach. What an amazing example of showing people it’s okay — sometimes better than okay — to be different.

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Dreams from the Desert


The Desert Keep of the Silent Assassins

“She had been just about to stop and set up her tent when she’d crested a dune and the lush green trees and adobe fortress had spread before her, hidden in an oasis nestled between two monstrous dunes.”

Assassin and the Desert by Sarah Maas