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It Really Is “All About the Books”

Um, so, this is awesome. It is my new theme song! I really have nothing more to add. Just watch it. I loved it!


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This is Wholesome, This is Awesome

In March, Honey Maid kicked off a new commercial campaign. Starting with this video:


To me, this is one of the sweetest commercials I’ve seen recently and I love the message it sends. To their “This is Wholesome” Campaign, I say, “This is awesome!”

Some idiots out there don’t agree. They wrote back to the company with hateful responses. Yet, rather than apologize or back off the campaign, Honey Maid sent out this response:



This may be the best response to bigotry I’ve ever encountered. Kudos to Nabisco, Honey Maid and their partners for such a simple but fantastic choice.