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Have You Heard About Read Pink?!

So this is a campaign that I was unaware of until this week. I want to give a shout-out of thanks to Readers Live 1000 Lives for their article on the subject.

Read PinkI’m a big fan of research for cancer in general, since many of my family’s older generations have succumbed to one type or another, and still others have suffered and survived. I’m so happy and proud to see so many authors joining the fight and sending out messages of support to women and families who are suffering from breast cancer, and adding their books to the cause. Penguin Publishing Group is donating to the cause, and everyone who can afford to should as well.

Here’s is their page explaining the Read Pink Campaign, which is in its 5th year.

What’s even more awesome is how many bloggers are jumping in and joining the awareness campaign by participating in the Read Pink Blog Tour! Thanks so much to everyone who is participating, and I mean that on behalf of my family, and every family who has been affected by Breast Cancer.

Here is the list of blogs on the blog tour:

Read Ping Blog Tour Schedule 1

There are so many ways to be a part of the cure, whether your participating in a walk-a-thon, writing a blog post, or donating your leftover couple of dollars at the end of the week. I hope everyone gets a chance to experience how wonderful it feels to be a part of the solution and help save lives.

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23 of the most creatively designed Little Free Libraries

23 of the most creatively designed Little Free Libraries | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Have you seen one of these around?


These “little free libraries” are popping up all over the country, and I have to say, I just love them.

Not only do I love the creativity, and ingenuity of design with which most of them are made, but I love what they stand for. Taking books, sharing them with each other. Especially in communities that might not have a library available to them readily, or where budget cuts might make it hard for locals to get access to one. I also just like the idea that people want to share what they have read and enjoyed with the world. Take a book, pass it on. Take a book, leave a book. Take a book, share a book. These slogans that occasionally accompany these libraries say so much with so little.


I will be on the lookout for these when I travel, hopefully I will find a few to take a snapshot of and share here on my blog!

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We Need Diverse Books!


“#WeNeedDiverseBooks because

a homogenous world is a





dangerous world.”

Submitted by Shae/Shelver.

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Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It



Experts told this artist her dream was impossible. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen.


I love stories like this. When people just have a level of determination, spirit, and sense of self that drives them forward in the face of any opposition. People like this inspire me to not give up, and to keep trying, keep reaching for things that I want, that may at the time seem to be out of my reach. What an amazing example of showing people it’s okay — sometimes better than okay — to be different.