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It Really Is “All About the Books”

Um, so, this is awesome. It is my new theme song! I really have nothing more to add. Just watch it. I loved it!


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A Townwide Scavenger Hunt | Programs That Pop


The always delightful (and laser-fingered) @erintheshea explains how she organized a bookish scavenger hunt in Darien, CT.

THE One Book, One Community pick for 2013 at the Darien Library, CT, was David ­Benioff’s City of Thieves, in which the two main characters are charged to collect a dozen eggs in the starving city of Leningrad during the Nazi invasion. The penalty should they not complete this outrageous task is to forfeit their lives.

As soon as I knew City of Thieves was the choice, I knew that we had to do a townwide scavenger hunt. It also seemed like a great opportunity to partner with and support local businesses.

A Townwide Scavenger Hunt | Programs That Pop

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Super Bowl Sunday @ The Library? » Public Libraries Online

What do you think about watching a sporting event like the Super Bowl on a big screen @ the library? Would you go?

Personally, I like the questions brought up in this article, and it definitely gives me things to think about as far as policies in the library go, but I LOVE the idea of Sports Viewing @ The Library!

Super Bowl Sunday @ The Library? » Public Libraries Online

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February 1 Is ‘Take Your Child to the Library Day’


To celebrate the third annual “Take Your Child to the Library” day on Saturday, February 1, libraries all over the world will be inviting children and their families to partake in all that they have to offer.

Happy Saturday! Are you taking your children to the library today?

February 1 Is ‘Take Your Child to the Library Day’