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Literary Elements Book Display

thisisasentence: the literary elements

I love book displays and bulletin boards! It’s totally nerdy of me, I know. But I find that librarians (and teachers) who create these displays to be so creative and resourceful. If you’d like to see more displays and bulletin boards, check out my Pinterest boards linked below!


Library Book Display Ideas

Library Bulletin Boards


Tee Off @ the Library


Attention Brookline & Boston mini-golf and library fans!  Do you want to enjoy the whimsy and friendly competition of mini-golf right here, in Brookline, in your very own library?

We’re trying out something new this year for our annual Tee Off @ the Library event!  This year, we aim to host an evening of mini-golf & festivities for adults.

What would you like to see at such an event? Take our survey and let us know. The more we hear from you, the better a night it will be!