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Sunday Steps: Life’s a Beach

Welcome to Sunday Steps. Here I will share pictures and stories from the places that I’ve traveled. Sometimes one or the other, sometimes both. I will try to include the location of any images that I share. Leave a comment if you’ve also been to the place in my post, or if you’d like to visit there someday!

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New Ways to Explore


Life-Sized Pop-Up Books

From Trend Hunter:

Tourism New Zealand recently designed a giant pop-up book that explores the country interactively. This visual book has many images that recreate and reference the Hobbit film: The Desolation of Smaug. It is titled ‘The Book of New Zealand,’ where many visuals are meant to pop up in a large form to create a 3D effect.

The movie itself was filmed in 3D where you can see some resemblance of each scene portrayed in the movie.Most of the scenery has gorgeous mountains and landscapes that show New Zealand’s true beauty. The extravagant rivers, forests and villages also show some variety in how every scene was created. This life-sized pop-up book shows a great sense of interactive tourism and promotion for traveling to New Zealand.

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