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Sunday Shelfies

What’s a “shelfie” you ask? It’s a selfie of your bookshelves, and sometimes of you with your shelves. So feel free to play along and share a picture of what’s on your shelves.

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Saturday Photo Finish

For a Saturday Photo Finish, we end the week with a random picture from my wanderings. These are just shots that I take that I like and may be of any subject that catches my fancy.

Like them? Share your thoughts in the comments or a photo of your own.

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Sunday Steps: Life’s a Beach

Welcome to Sunday Steps. Here I will share pictures and stories from the places that I’ve traveled. Sometimes one or the other, sometimes both. I will try to include the location of any images that I share. Leave a comment if you’ve also been to the place in my post, or if you’d like to visit there someday!

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