The Roaming Librarian 2

Welcome to The Roaming Librarian website. Here you will discover some of my thoughts on Librarianship, Travel, Entertainment, Literature and Media, and more.

At the Eric Carle Museum.

A Little About Me:

My professional life is ultimately connected to books. They are my biggest passion, what I love. Currently I work as a reference librarian at a public library in the Greater Boston Area, but in the past, I have worked as a bookseller, a library page, and as a public library’s children’s services department head. I have interned for a small non-fiction publishing house’s publicity department (undergraduate) and for an urban public library’s teen department. My objective is to remain working in the sector of public librarianship, but I’m not opposed to working at any library in general. While my favorite material remains in the children’s and young adult areas of the library, I love the written and spoken word and welcome any opportunity that allows me to follow my passion and pass on my knowledge and excitement to those I meet.

On top of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris

On a personal level, I’m a woman who loves travel, culture, art, and a variety of entertainments which I will attempt to discuss on my blog. Please forgiveΒ the moments when I wax poetic or ‘squee’ like a fangirl over my favorite topics. (Or better yet, join in!) I come from a fairly large, crazy, dramatic Irish-American family and I adore them, even when they’re driving me nuts. Feel free to blame any boisterous, wacky, or outlandish behaviors and comments from me on them.

I’d like to try to keep this blog fairly positive, so if you have negative thoughts about my posts or the comments people leave, please try to be kind and constructive. Everyone in the world is entitled to their own opinions; please try to keep that in mind before you post something negative or nasty.

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