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50 Day Movie Challenge: Day 18

My 50 Day Movie Challenge!

For those just tuning in, while browsing the internet, I’ve come across posts from other bloggers doing 20, or 30 day challenges all about movies, so I decided to mash up a bunch of those questions and came up with 50 that I’m going to attempt to answer consecutively over the next month and a half (or so). If you’d like to try and do it too, feel free! I’ll post all the questions as I go along, and I hope you enjoy my answers!

Day 18: What’s a film you wish more people would see?

Veronica Mars Movie PosterThe Veronica Mars Movie!

There aren’t even enough words in the English language to describe my love for this character, this story, this everything! lol, I will probably be mocked for this but if there’s one movie/series that I would love for more people to check out it’s Veronica Mars. What originally started as a TV series, the show was so beloved by the fans that 10 years after it was cancelled, they Kickstarted it into a major motion picture. That, of course, came after it was cut down by a network that didn’t realize what a gem they had (big shocker there). And yes, I was absolutely one of those fans who donated money to see it get made.

I discovered V. Mars somewhere between the end of the first, and beginning of the second season and watched it pretty religiously. I was so mad when they cancelled it! For years I would hear snippets about how the cast would love to bring it back, how Rob Thomas would love to make a movie, and then, one random day in March 2013, I saw a post on Facebook that I never expected. Most people know how this story goes, they put up the project on Kickstarter and fans broke records like a smash-and-grab heist to get this movie into production.

LoganThe movie itself brings the characters back to Neptune, California for Veronica’s 10 year reunion. Of course, she has no intention of going anywhere near it, until her former flame gets himself into some major trouble. What I think is really wonderful about the movie is the way everyone came back for it, all the principle actors, and how excited they were to be a part of it. I loved that the movie had it’s own complete mystery, as well as subplots that don’t all get neatly wrapped up by the end, so the story still has new places it can go. And, I can’t speak to this directly, but I felt like people who weren’t a part of the series could be introduced to it in a way that would make them want to go back and check out what they missed in Veronicathe early years. I know I tend to underrate stuff that gets a lot of headlines, and I think people some people may have overlooked this movie because of all the fan hype that surrounds it. But I still think it stands by itself in a way. It has all the excitement of a 21st Century mystery/noir film; action, drama, love. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should give it a go.

Day 18, Done!


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