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50 Day Movie Challenge: Day 15

My 50 Day Movie Challenge!

For those just tuning in, while browsing the internet, I’ve come across posts from other bloggers doing 20, or 30 day challenges all about movies, so I decided to mash up a bunch of those questions and came up with 50 that I’m going to attempt to answer consecutively over the next month and a half (or so). If you’d like to try and do it too, feel free! I’ll post all the questions as I go along, and I hope you enjoy my answers!

Day 15: What’s the first movie you saw in theaters?

Little Mermaid PosterSo, this question prompted quite the discussion between me, my parents, and my older sister, because to be perfectly honest, I’m not entirely sure what the first movie I saw in theaters was. I’m to the point of old where all those early memories are either completely gone, or just blurry suppositions or based on stories my parents have repeated to me, rather than on what my memory can conjure on it’s own. Therefore, to answer this question I’m taking a bit of an educated guess. Since I was born in 1984 (yup, I just recently hit the big 3-0), and I’m a girl, I’m pretty sure the first movie my parents would have taken me to was The Little Mermaid. That would have made me around 5 when this first came out, and a great age to be able to sit through a film.

I thought it was pretty funny when I questioned my parents on this subject. Neither one could remember what movie it might have been. And the first thing both of them told me (during 2 separate conversations) was that I should check with my older sister, as they probably took both of us to the same movie together. Which makes sense, since we’re only a little more than a year apart in age.

sebastianAs for the film itself, it’s a great movie for kids, one of Disney’s finest, I think. It was also the film that I think kind of kicked off the Disney renaissance, with all those major hits (this was the first of them). The songs, the animations. It’s wonderful. Sebastian the Crab is probably my favorite character. He’s so fantastically expressive and loud, and I love him. Plus, lets face it, he had all the best songs.

Well, that’s it! Day 15, Complete!


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