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50 Day Movie Challenge: Day 6

My 50 Day Movie Challenge is off and running!

Day 6! For those just tuning in, on other sites I’ve seen bloggers do 20, or 30 day challenges all about movies, so I decided to mash up a bunch of those questions and came up with 50 that I’m going to attempt to answer consecutively over the next month and a half (or so). If you’d like to try and do it too, feel free! I’ll post all the questions as I go along, and I hope you enjoy my answers!

Day 6: Pick a movie that reminds you of somewhere.

Originally when I considered this question, I was thinking of a movie like Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s so vividly and completely IncrediblesTuscany and there are parts where I look (especially the shots of Florence) and go, “I was there!”, “I remember that square!” But the movie itself doesn’t really remind me of my experience somewhere. I’ve been to quite a few places in my time, but usually I don’t associate those places with something like a film. But then when I really thought about it, I remembered The Incredibles.

I first saw The Incredibles almost a decade ago now, during my undergraduate semester overseas. I was with my best friend and we were spending the weekend in Strasbourg, France with a very good friend of my family. He was so excited for our visit, showing us many of the beautiful sights in and around the city. On the morning of our arrival, while we settled in, he asked if we had ever watched this movie, which I hadn’t. We decided to check it out, and, like many other Pixar films, it was really enjoyable! It was a great way to relax after traveling and made me feel a little more at home. Our explorations of the city that weekend are some of my most treasured memories, and my family friend really gave us a great sense of the city, its’ history and people.

Now, whenever I think about The Incredibles, I think back to when I first saw it, and it makes me smile. My visit really had nothing to do with the movie, but it was part of some memories that left such and impression on me, and now I can’t think of one, without remembering the other.

So there you have it. Day 6: set!


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