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50 Day Movie Challenge: Day 5

My 50 Day Movie Challenge is off and running!

Day 5, almost a full week! For anyone else attempting a challenge like this, I recommend keeping your posts as short and sweet as you can manage. For those just tuning in, on other sites I’ve seen bloggers do 20, or 30 day challenges all about movies, so I decided to mash up a bunch of those questions and came up with 50 that I’m going to attempt to answer consecutively over the next month and a half (or so). If you’d like to try and do it too, feel free! I’ll post all the questions as I go along, and I hope you enjoy my answers!

Day 5: What is a movie that you watch when you’re angry?

the brothersI thought this question was really quite interesting. I’m not normally a watch-X-when-feeling-Y kind of person. My viewing isn’t mood-based. Occasionally I watch a movie based on my mood, but more often it’s because I want to see a genre-specific trope like car chases or a couple falling in love.  So when I considered what I might pick for angry feelings, I decided I would probably watch a movie that has violence or revenge-based fantasies like The Boondock Saints.

I know it’s probably weird since I recently admitted to hating horror films but I have absolutely no problem watching this kind of stylized violence. In fact, I kind of really enjoy it. The first time I saw the Boondock Saints I was fascinated, both by the brothers and by the fact that they were exacting vigilante justice on these criminals. For those who are unfamiliar, the basic premise is that these fraternal twins set out to rid Boston of the evil men operating there while being 936full-the-boondock-saints-postertracked down by an FBI agent, played by William Defoe, who is awesome. Of course, things get pretty complicated as they go about their business.

Why I love this movie:

1. It’s set in my hometown.
2. The whole vengeance against bad guys thing.
3. These are two great-looking Irish guys.
4. William Dafoe is AMAZING!

If I’m pissed of and want something to either calm me down or to offer some catharsis, this is the movie I’d choose. You could imagine all the people who made you angry are the bad guys getting taken out. (I know that sounds mean, and perhaps a little evil, but I’m okay with that.) These guys are old school — an eye for an eye — and then they might take a little extra, just for kicks. It’s a much easier way to calm down and doesn’t involve decking someone (however justified) and possibly being arrested for assault.

If you need further convincing to at least check out this movie, here’s this:

It’s just awesome. And perfect for when I’m upset with someone.

Well, that’s it. Day 5: check!

Wish me luck in keeping up!!

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