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50 Day Movie Challenge: Day 3


My 50 Day Movie Challenge is off and running!

Day 3 has arrived! And if you haven’t seen my two previous posts, here’s the deal: On other sites I’ve seen bloggers do 20, or 30 day challenges all about movies, so I decided to mash up a bunch of those questions and came up with 50 that I’m going to attempt to answer consecutively over the next month and a half (or so). If you’d like to try and do it too, feel free! I’ll post all the questions as I go along, and I hope you enjoy my answers!

Day 3: What is Your Least Favorite Film Genre?

Mutant Enemy Logo
This is about as creepy as I like to get.

This is another easy one. No offense to those who like these kinds of movies, but I cannot stand Horror films. I think it sort of goes back to me having an extremely vivid imagination, but I can’t watch them. They give me nightmares, sometimes for weeks at a time. They have since I was a kid. I remember seeing 5 minutes of Children of the Corn, by accident at a friend’s house when I was around 11, and had nightmares for a week afterwards. Yeah, I know. It’s a little pathetic. I can watch orcs and vampires and not have any problem, but slasher flicks, or Freddy Krueger? Nope. Not a chance. I’ve gotten a little better as an adult, but seriously? Supernatural is about as close as I’ve ever gotten (or wanted to get) to the horror genre. And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.


Well,Β that’s it. Day 3 is done.

Wish me luck in keeping up!!

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