5 Steps to Refresh the Look of Your Library Newsletter

This is a perfect example of how little changes in a library can have a big impact! And it’s such great advice!

Illinois Libraries Matter

After a few years of using the same newsletter format, your library staff and patrons may be ready for a spruced-up, swept-clean look to the information you provide to your community.

In the last year, Elmhurst Public Library in Elmhurst, Illinois has done just that: revamped graphics standards, updated the appearance of the website, and refined the look and content of the community-wide newsletter. Here are the steps we took to make it happen.

Identify a vision: Our Library director had a vision to refresh the look of the newsletter by focusing on simple changes that would make a big impact. Our previous newsletters arrived in mailboxes folded in thirds. Not only did this limit the visual โ€œpopโ€ of the newsletter cover, but it also made it easier for residents to view the newsletter as junk mail. So, we increased the size of the newsletter from 8 ยฝ xโ€ฆ

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