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Harry Potter Moment of the Week #8


This is a meme started by Uncorked Thoughts which aims to share with fellow bloggers a weekly slice of HP awesomeness. It is an awesomeness that only increases with time and number of reads. Once a week we will share a character, spell, chapter, object, quote etc. from the books/films/J. K. Rowling (or anything Potter related)! Each topic will be posted on Uncorked Thoughts HERE. There will also be  free weeks where everyone can share whatever topic they want! Be sure to share your link on the main site for all other HP MOTW fans to enjoy!

This Week’s Theme: Most Cringe-Inducing Scene in the Series

Um, can I just choose every single one that had Gildroy Lockhart in it? Because to me, cringe-inducing means embarrassing or uncomfortable, and that’s what Lockhart makes me feel. That simpering, idiotic blowhard gives academics a bad name (yeah, I really don’t like him). I suppose if I must choose particular moment I’d pick the first time we meet Lockhart at the bookshop, and he forces/guilts Harry into a photo for the newspaper. Lockhart is just so smarmy and gross, and Harry is so uncomfortable that I just feel embarrassed for him.

“The crowd parted, whispering excitedly; Lockhart dived forward, seized Harry’s arm, and pulled him to the front. The crowd burst into applause. Harry’s face burned as Lockhart shook his hand for the photographer, who was clicking away madly, wafting thick smoke over the Weasleys.”

lockhart meets harry

“When he finally let go of Harry’s hand, Harry could hardly feel his fingers. He tried to sidle back over to the Weasleys, but Lockhart threw an arm around his shoulders and clamped him tightly to his side.” (pg 60)

The whole scene is just so icky, and made worse afterward by Malfoy. It makes me cringe. Every time.


Well, that’s really all I’ve got for ya! Just a small moment of sweet HP goodness! I hope you enjoyed it, and please, feel free to share your own cringe-worthy moments in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week #8”

  1. Yuck! Poor Harry. I can’t imagine how awful and embarrassed he must have felt. Definitely cringe-inducing. The only good thing about it was that he got the whole set of Lockhart’s books free of charge and could give them to Ginny.

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  2. Absolutely right! Lockhart is really good at producing cringe-worthy scenes. Although listening to him chatter on about how his fans love his signed photographs would be up there for me too as well as when he says he just has to go get things ready when by then we all know he’s running off…the coward. Great pick 😀


  3. This is such a cringe-worthy scene! I’m right there with you, I do not like Lockhart either, he’s despicable. I can’t imagine if I were in Harry’s place, I mean for God’s sake he’s only 12 and here’s a full grown man trying to take advantage of his fame and misfortune really.


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