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Harry Potter Moment of the Week #6


This is a meme started by Uncorked Thoughts which aims to share with fellow bloggers a weekly slice of HP awesomeness. It is an awesomeness that only increases with time and number of reads. Once a week we will share a character, spell, chapter, object, quote etc. from the books/films/J. K. Rowling (or anything Potter related)! Each topic will be posted on Uncorked Thoughts HERE. There will also be  free weeks where everyone can share whatever topic they want! Be sure to share your link on the main site for all other HP MOTW fans to enjoy!

This Week’s Theme: Least Favorite Book

Awww. It’s sad to talk about the things we DON’T like about Harry Potter, and for me, there are very few things that I didn’t like. But, if I’m going to have to admit to this, I’d have to say it was probably an easier selection than it should have been. Drum roll please……………

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


I feel so bad picking even one book in this brilliant series, but I’ve got to say, while very good for explaining many aspects of Wizarding Society to the reader; this book is kind of a snooze. At least, more so than the others. I can’t imagine it’s going to be easy for any kid to grasp all of the finer points and underlying commentary on racism that exists in this volume, and let’s face it, the action is pretty minor in comparison to the other books. Also, I think I can sum up my main reason for picking this book in just 2 words: Gildroy Lockhart. My least favorite Hogwarts professor (yes, I even hated him more than Dolores Umbridge). How in the hells was that blowhard sorted into MY house? A Ravenclaw? Really? He is a stain on our reputation.

Now, possibly book one might be considered as boring to some people, but I found that the introduction to all the magical parts of the story were fascinating enough to make up for the lack of tense action that we find in the later novels. To be completely honest, each book had its own less-than-great moments, and on the whole I still really loved them all. Even Chamber of Secrets.


Well, that’s really all I’ve got for ya! Just a small moment of sweet HP goodness! I hope you enjoyed it, and please, feel free to share your own least favorite volumes in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Harry Potter Moment of the Week #6”

  1. for me, it’ll be the fifth book and i prefer Lockhart to Umbridge. At least, Lockhart didn’t do harm to others for his narcissism lol
    The fifth book is too thick and kind of boring i think.
    I really want to join this meme, but I almost forgot every detail of HP books 😦


    1. Hah, yeah I hear ya, on the evil scale Umbridge is much worse, but I liked book 5 so much because I LOVE to hate her. lol, plus without her we never would have gotten all the great DA stuff, and those pranks from the Weasleys! And don’t worry, even if you’ve forgotten some of the parts, they sort of come back to you. Each week, the topics are pretty general. And don’t forget, its HP so there are no wrong answers!


  2. I find Lockhart’s annoyingness funny at times, I can’t imagine hating anyone in the HP series more than Umbridge.
    Chamber of Secrets is my 2nd to least favorite. Out of all the other books it just seems to fall short. It doesn’t have the “magic” (I couldn’t think of a better word) of the first book, nor does it have the maturity of the later books. It just is.


    1. Haha, I don’t know why but he just frustrates me so much more. At least with Umbridge there was an active outcry against her. But I know exactly what you mean about the lack of “magic”. I think that’s what really drops this one to the bottom of my list.


  3. I see your point about the kids not undestanding certain things, but, as for me, I always found CoS the funniest book of the lot. Reading about Gilderoy Lockhart (among other things) and what a pain he was – poor Harry! – made me shake my head in frustration and laugh at the same time.


    1. I hear ya, and I do still love all the books, this one just happens to be the one I enjoy the least. Maybe it’s my Ravenclaw nature showing, but I just can’t stand such an awful teacher, lol! And he really thought he was brilliant. Yuck! haha, but I know many other people are amused by him. I found him too smarmy to be funny.


  4. The basilisk always terrified me so I enjoyed this book a lot in that sense, but I do agree that I understand and appreciate it now a lot more than I did when I read it as a child because there are a lot of nuances! And Lockhart is so annoying he’s almost funny again whereas I see no redeemable quality in Umbridge xD Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    Juli @ Universe in Words


    1. Hah, yeah, but I LOVE to hate Umbridge, and even though I don’t see her as redeemable, I see her as the catalyst for so much of this story. So for me, she’s unlikeable, but essential. Lockhart to me was just so unnecessary and blech. lol!


  5. I think everyone is having a hard time choosing a least favorite book. No one wants to publicly dislike a Harry Potter book… It was hard for me to choose too. But Gildroy Lockhart is in fact one of the things I don’t like about CoS. He’s a terrible professor and human being really. I completely agree with your reasons.


  6. Lockhart is such a joke. I can’t believe there were people asking J.K. what happened to him and where he went…though the part later on when they found him was quite entertaining. I agree with you on this choice. Chamber is definitely my least favorite.


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