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The Library: A Place Where You Can Create


“The idea of libraries serving as a place where you can come and create, not just to learn…I think that’s a shift that’s really been taking place.” – Jane McGonigal on the impact of libraries


She’s not wrong. Libraries are so much more than just a collection of shelves to hold books anymore. If you’ve been in your local public library lately, you may have noticed they offer a plethora of programming for children, teens, and adults. Libraries are places where you can come and create. Whether its creating homework and projects for classes, creating resumes and job searches, creating arts and crafts in a planned program or event, or something even more unique, like using a 3D printer in a Makerspace; libraries are a place where you can do all of this and more. If you take the time to look around, you’d be surprised by how many things you are capable of creating at the library. Who knows, maybe the next bestseller that hits the library shelves will have been written in slow, but steady increments from a library computer or laptop.

How can you get creative @ your local library? Stop by and find out!

Also, check out these cool libraries and bookstores from around the world on my Pinterest pages.

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