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Media Mondays: Gotham

Media MondaysWelcome to Media Mondays! This meme is dedicated to all things media related: Music, Movies, TV, and possibly other electronics and gadgetry. Here’s how it works (you’re going to love how simple it is)… Just pick a topic that is related to one of these major media formats and discuss! So to kick of my new meme, here is the extended trailer for one of the shows I’m most looking forward to tuning in to next year: Gotham.


It’s a look at the city 10+ years BEFORE Bruce Wayne takes up the mantle of Batman. It focuses on a young James Gordon and (I’m guessing) his rise through the ranks of the Gotham PD while fighting the growing criminal underbelly of the city. There are clearly also going to be origin stories for many of the city’s future villains and we will (hopefully) get all the gory details about the deaths of Bruce’s parents and the search for their killer.

Why I’m excited about this:

Well, clearly, this trailer is really fantastic and packs quite a punch. It looks Nolan-esque; intense and dark. And of course, is based on one of the all-time most popular comic book characters/cities. It’s always been one of my favorite stories. I think what is going to make it really special is that it doesn’t focus all that much on Batman, and is truly about the place as much as the people. I’m not a comic expert and have really only read one or two of the Batman storylines. Most of my knowledge is relegated to the movies that have come out in the past. But the trailer makes me want to spend some time this summer doing some research and boning up on the older stories so that I can hopefully have a more well-rounded appreciation by the premiere.

Is there a show that you are excited about? It is Gotham? Feel free to give a shout-out to the show you are most excited to see coming next fall in the comments!

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