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Diversity Gap in the Academy Awards

So looking at these numbers makes me more than a little horrified for Hollywood. I mean, seriously? Why is the Academy still living in the land of backwards? Aren’t they all supposed to be progressive and pro-change and diversity?

And where are all the women? Why aren’t there more ladies in the Academy? Lord knows there are some phenomenal actresses out in Hollywood these days.

Hey, Hollywood execs and Academy members, how ’bout we get some new voters and even things out a bit!

This weekend is the 86th Academy Awards. I have watched exactly none of the movies nominated for “Best Picture” or any of the best acting categories, so I’m not really invested in any of them at all. My only 2 concerns are the “Best Original Song” and the “Best Animated Feature” category and my fingers are already crossed for Frozen. (Which is fantastic, by the way, go see it!) And now after seeing some of these stats, I just really hope that by the end of the night, some of these numbers will have to shift.

Who do you want to see win the major awards?

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