Heroes Is Back! NBC Orders Event Series for 2015

Heroes Cast

Heroes Is Back! NBC Orders Event Series for 2015 – Today’s News: Our Take |

So, this has the potential to be really good, or really bad… Since they’re taking their time to make it (at least, that’s how it seems since they’re not talking about airing it until 2015), this would give them plenty of time to develop much better writing/storylines for the characters. I think later on the show lacked an overall goal for where they wanted to take the plot and the characters, and it hurt them. The first season is still awesome though. I really hope that if they have him back on the show, Peter has his original power back somehow. I always thought it sucked hardcore that it was stolen from him and then when he got the formula it somehow mutated or whatever in season 3. Anyways I think it will be interesting to see what so many years passing will do for this world they’ve built, or how much of it may be erased and re-written. Also, I’d love to see how Micah is doing because his character must be finishing high school/starting college and could have a really fun storyline. I’d like to see how he’s grown and matured while dealing with these powers. I also wouldn’t mind if they took some of the characters and brought them in from the graphic novels. I recommend checking them out if you enjoyed any part of the show. But as to this new mini-series/reboot/whatever you want to call it, how/what will they do? I have to admit, I’ll probably tune in to find out. My curiosity has already gotten the better of me.

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