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A Step in the Right Direction

There’s been a lot of discussion and criticism about this “issue” since Michael Sam announced to the wider world that he was gay. But this may just be the best response to someone’s coming out that I’ve ever seen. Stereotypes on both sides of the issue are being knocked aside here, and rightly so. I couldn’t agree with Mr. Hansen more. Who cares what his sexual orientation is, the only thing that should be important is how well Michael Sam plays the game, and that’s something he proves out on the field, not in the locker room.

Here is a link to the conversation where Michael Sam talks to Chris Connelly from ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and discusses his coming out. He’s quite eloquent, and I really liked and appreciated how professional he was, and how matter of fact. He really sticks to the issue and after everything else he’s been through in his life, this is nothing. I hope he makes it to the NFL and I hope his life is full of good things.

There’s also a video here where Ellen invites sportscaster Dale Hansen on to her show to talk about why he said what he did and to show her appreciation. His wife is super cute!

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